Brest - New Caledonia. New Export Point

9 april 2020
Brest - New Caledonia. New Export Point

New Caledonia became the next dot on the map of the company's exports. The crow-fly distance from Brest to this group of islands in the Pacific Ocean is almost 15,000 kilometers! In 2020, the first shipment of herring fillets, capelin caviar in sauce, surimi and Antarctic krill paste was dispatched to New Caledonia.

The products traveled thousands of kilometers to their destination in several stages: first by road to a port in Denmark, and then by sea in special containers. Products are delivered regularly to such long distances. For example, deliveries have been established to Australia and New Zealand.

In 2019, the company's products were bought in 37 countries around the world. The list of importing countries is regularly updated. New Caledonia is one such example. Expansion of sales geography and the increased demand stimulate the growth of output volumes. In 2019, the enterprise produced 118 thousand tons of finished products. This is a record, since last year - in 2018 - the enterprise produced 105 thousand tons.

Santa Bremor is the official partner of FC Dynamo Brest. The company is actively involved in the popularization and development of sports in Belarus. Support for sports clubs is one of the directions of its social work.
<p> The best Belarusian brands of fish and ice cream were announced in Minsk on January, 30th. The results of the annual study “Brand of the Year” award demonstrated preferences of the population. Brand “Santa Bremor” won by a wide margin in the “Fish and Seafood” category. “TOP” became the leader in the “Ice Cream” category. </p>