Best Belarusian Food and Ice Cream Brands are Announced

31 january 2020
Best Belarusian Food and Ice Cream Brands are Announced

The best Belarusian brands of fish and ice cream were announced in Minsk on January, 30th. The results of the annual study “Brand of the Year” award demonstrated preferences of the population. Brand “Santa Bremor” won by a wide margin in the “Fish and Seafood” category. “TOP” became the leader in the “Ice Cream” category.

“Santa Bremor” was recognized as the most well-known brand among fish products. 62% of the Belarusians are familiar with it. “TOP” was named the Belarusians’ favorite brand in the “Ice Cream” category, preferred by 18% of the population. “TOP” also gained 32% of votes in the awareness rating.

“Behind the annual choice of our brands is company's great experience in working with food products and raw materials, as well as customer insight and his expectations. The company regularly invests in dozens of extensive studies in order to speak the same language as its customers”, says Ekaterina Omelkovich, head of the “Fish and Seafood” marketing department.

For years, development of the company has been associated with the development of the culture of fish and seafood consumption in Belarus. One of the directions is cooperation with the Norwegian Fish Committee with which the company has been working for more than five years. Since the end of 2019, “Santa Bremor” launched production of salmon and trout with the “Seafood from Norway” logo, which indicates the Norwegian origin of the raw material. Moreover, in 2019, the company launched two new product categories to the market: spreads of Atlantic fish fillet and imitated caviar based on fish broth.

The company has been taking part in the “Brand of the Year” contest since 2002. During this time, trademarks have repeatedly confirmed leadership in their respective categories.

New Caledonia became the next dot on the map of the company's exports. The crow-fly distance from Brest to this group of islands in the Pacific Ocean is almost 15,000 kilometers! In 2020, the first shipment of herring fillets, capelin caviar in sauce, surimi and Antarctic krill paste was dispatched to New Caledonia.
“Santa Bremor” presented its products at China International Import Expo 2019. The event took place in November in Shanghai.