Tasting of “Santa Bremor” Products at The Forum of Regions

4 october 2019
Tasting of “Santa Bremor” Products at The Forum of Regions

In October, II Forum of Regions was held in Zhytomyr with the participation of the Presidents of the Ukraine and Belarus. Enterprises of two countries presented their goods and services within the framework of the specialized exhibition.

“Santa-Ukraine”, official distributor of “Santa Bremor”, exhibited its products. Visitors of the stand tasted delicacy capelin caviar in sauce, “Maties” herring, “Antarctic Krill” spread, as well as “King Crab” crab sticks.

“Ukranian customers know the products of “Santa Bremor” and enjoy them for their taste, naturalness and reasonable prices. Nearly every customer can find a product according to his taste in the brand portfolio of the company. These are products that people will eat with pleasure themselves and share with their soulmates. Strong interest in the company's products at the exhibition of II Forum of Regions is a direct confirmation of this" says Vladislav Poshtarenko, Head of the Marketing Department of “Santa-Ukraine” Private Enterprise.


International Exhibition PIR EXPO 2019, which took place in Moscow in October, gathered representatives of 700 companies working in the HoReCa segment. Over 40,000 people visited the exhibition during 4 days.
For the first time in Belarus the International Effie Awards presentation ceremony took place in October. The case of “TOP” brand received a gold Effie award for the “Cheer Up” advertisement campaign.