"Santa Bremor" provided means of protection against COVID-19 to village schools

12 january 2021

The goal of the initiative "Together Against COVID-19" is to provide pupils and teachers in villages and small settlements with individual protection means. Santa Bremor has procured masks, gloves, sanitizers and transferred it to village schools of the Brest Region. The project was implemented by the company in cooperation with the Brest Local Foundation for Regional Development.

Packages of individual protection means were transferred to Logishin and Pleschitsy secondary schools of the Pinsk District, as well as the secondary school in Zditovo village of the Bereza Region. The package for each school includes 3000 protective masks and gloves, sanitizers for hands and surfaces. In addition, schools received soft rugs for cleaning of shoes and dispensers for foyers and canteens. It is suggested that the anti-COVID package will be enough to support schools for 5-8 months. In total, aid was provided to 680 pupils and 152 teachers.

"First of all, the aid is intended for children in rural areas. In school, they come in contact with their peers and teachers, and then return home where they live with parents and grandparents. Therefore, by providing schools with all necessary means for prophylaxis of coronavirus, from masks to rugs and sanitizers, we help to reduce the risk of disease in families of the pupils," say representatives of "Santa Bremor".

Earlier, "Santa Bremor" purchased at its own expense 5 lung ventilators for Brest. The equipment is used in the Brest Regional Clinical Hospital and the Brest City Hospital No. 1. In addition, ambulance cars were bought for Baranovichi and Stolin, as well as 3 ultrasound machines and a van for the Brest Regional Children's Hospital and 31,000 respirators. In general, "Santa" Group has provided aid in the amount of over 2,4 million rubles to medical institutions during the pandemic.

In 2020, citizens of 45 countries of the world bought "Santa Bremor" products. In 2019, the list of importers included 37 countries. During the last year, the products were sent for the first time, for example, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia and South Korea.
Director of "Santa Bremor" Sergey Nedbailov becomes the winner of the business contest "Man of Action" in the nomination "For increasing prestige of the Made in Belarus mark". Today, the company manufactures over 1,000 types of products in 13 categories, which are bought in 37 countries of the world.