“Santa Bremor” is a Strategic Partner of Global Fishery Forum

28 august 2019
“Santa Bremor” is a Strategic Partner of Global Fishery Forum

“Santa Bremor”, an expert in the field of fish processing, took on the role of a strategic partner of the Third International Fish Industry Forum in Saint Petersburg in 2019.

At the fish industry exhibition organized within the framework of the forum ”Santa Bremor” together with its subsidiary “Soyuzryba” and fish processing plant “Russian Sea” presented innovative and traditional fish and seafood products for retail and HoReCa.

Basically the entire product portfolio was presented at the stand of “Santa Bremor”, including herring “Maties”, capelin caviar in sauce, spread “Antarctic Krill”, cod and Alaska Pollock caviar “Pâté”, crab sticks “French Crab”, as well as seafood and canned food.

Under the trademark “Russian Sea” a wide range of salmon caviar, innovative products of wild Far Eastern salmon and mackerel were presented. This is a unique line of heat treated fish, for which a special heat treatment and packaging technology was designed, to make it possible keeping the fillet tender and juicy for three months without using of preservatives. Guests of the exhibition had a chance to taste new products of the company: hot smoked humpback salmon and chum salmon, imitated caviar, as well as trout “Artesian”. This fish is breeding in natural conditions of the Ararat Valley at the altitude of 700 meters above the sea level.

Fish processing company “Soyuzryba” introduced canned cod liver. This is a natural product produced from chilled raw material on shipboard at sea. The product is made exclusively of liver, salt and spices.

Representatives of “Santa Bremor” held meetings with representatives of large sales networks at two international exhibitions in Poland. Targi Carrefour took place in Warsaw in September, 4-5, Targi E. Leclerc - in Nadazhyn in September, 19 - 20.
“Santa Bremor” presented its products at the largest food exhibition in North America Summer the Fancy Food Show 2019 for the first time. At the company's stand, visitors had a chance to familiarize themselves with the assortment and taste the products manufactured by the company.