"Our people are up for it". Company forms the first search team

27 april 2021

"Santa Bremor" has formed country's first corporate search team that will help volunteers of the search and rescue party "Angel". It included about 10 persons from various departments, from production to logistics. The team will undergo training under supervision of experienced inspectors of the search and rescue party "Angel" for three days, after which its members will become volunteers of the party and will be able to take part in actual search.

If necessary, the team will be involved in the search for lost people in the Brest Region. In particular, the team will comb the Belovezhskaya Pushcha and its surroundings, where adults and children get lost from time to time in summer. "Santa Bremor" volunteers will be able to provide first aid, evacuate the victim and take their bearings in an unknown location.

"It is the first case of creating a corporate search team in Belarus, but it could inspire other companies as well. Our mission is obvious: to take part in search and rescue of people, including children and pensioners. The Brest Region is rich in woods, where it is easy to get lost. There are different ways to help, but the most effective one is to gather like-minded people, conduct training and comb the forest. The more so since we have a lot of concerned people whom we are proud of," says Olesya Elina, Deputy Director of "Santa Bremor" for Marketing.

In 2020, "Angel" received 419 applications for missing persons. During the year, its members found 83 people. Today, the party needs volunteers all across Belarus, especially those with knowledge of hard-to-access areas.

Kazakhstan wants to see more Santa Bremor products on shelves of stores, and the company is ready to expand supplies of fish, seafood and semi-finished products. Development of export to this country was discussed during the visit of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Belarus Askar Beisenbaev to the fish factory in Brest.
In the end of January, award show of the "Brand of the Year" contest took place in Minsk. Three brands of the company received awards. "Santa Bremor" was named the best brand in the "Fish and Seafood" category, "Babushka Anya" - in the "Ravioli" category, "TOP" - in the "Ice Cream" category.