Best Exporter - 2019

16 june 2020
Best Exporter - 2019

The best exporter was chosen in Belarus at the end of 2019. Santa Bremor won the category "Food Industry". Over the past year, the company has significantly increased its export potential. About 65% of the manufactured products were delivered to other countries - 70.6 thousand tons in total. Over the year, export volumes grew by 16%.

The Santa Bremor products are consumed primarily in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, the USA, Moldova and Germany. Sales volumes are also growing in China, where Belarusian ice cream is in high demand. In 2019, the first herring preserves and surimi products were delivered to China. New markets of 2020 include Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as New Caledonia in the Pacific.

“We also continue to develop the markets of the EU countries. In particular, we increased the volume of exports to Bulgaria by 67%, to Poland - by 56%, to Lithuania - by 47%, to Germany - by 22%. The development of the European markets is not as easy as it sounds due to high competition. So we took our time to establish ourselves - first, we delivered to ethnic stores, and later to the supermarkets of large chains. It took more than 10 years for the Santa Bremor brand to gain a foothold in the EU and be associated with a high-quality and innovative product. We have our distributor partner in each country, which allows us to always deliver fresh products, regardless of distance,” notes Wasily Tessin, head of the Export Department.

Santa Bremor has been the winner of the competition for three years in a row and is recognized to be the best company in the food industry.

This May, Santa Bremor received a new status for the Belarusian business community - a reliable partner. The company was included in a special register, which was set up by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in January 2020.
Santa Bremor is the official partner of FC Dynamo Brest. The company is actively involved in the popularization and development of sports in Belarus. Support for sports clubs is one of the directions of its social work.